The Thurman-Zumwalt Foundation trustees and friends mourn the loss, but celebrate the extraordinary life and contributions, of CAPT John S. McCain III, USN (ret.). Following is a memorial statement by trustee and fellow Vietnam War veteran, Lt.Col. James G. Zumwalt II, USMC (ret.):

"Sadly, death has claimed another generation of a family whose name defines service to country. For three generations, the family of Senator John McCain has made a mark upon our country's leadership. John was unique among that breed, proving to be a maverick who blazed his own trail, influenced not by what others thought but by what he felt was right. It was an approach to life that served him well during a career that took him from the grounds of the US Naval Academy to the floor of the US Senate. There will never be another John McCain. Bravo Zulu!"

Pictured: Trustee James G. Zumwalt II, Senator John McCain, Trustee & TZF President Philip B. Carter. July 23, 2005, U.S. Naval Academy (Photographer thought to be Paul "Buddy" Bucha)

Note: This photo was taken at VADM Stockdale's funeral reception. I had just told the Senator I had a bone to pick with him, explaining he had stolen my son James' girlfriend from him. Obviously, McCain looked at me somewhat quizzically as I then went on to explain the allegation. Son James, who was a midshipman at the time, got his moment of fame as he also portrayed a midshipman in the made-for-TV movie about McCain. In the movie, James was with his "date" (actress) when the actor playing McCain approached them and asked James' date for a dance. In the movie, that date later became McCain's first wife. (J.G. Zumwalt)

Biomedical science is progressing rapidly and holds great promise. In large part the promise of new treatments and cures for disease risks that we all face requires enormous investment in biomedical research. The Thurman-Zumwalt Foundation (TZF) has been established to ensure that appropriate attention is given to the health risks faced, on our behalf, by those defending the nation and fulfilling its overseas humanitarian obligations.

The TZF is named after U.S. Army General Maxwell R. Thurman and Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Both men served their country, and those who served under them, with both integrity and vision: It is these attributes that will characterize the research commissioned and supported by the TZF.

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