Lt. General John Royster Thurman III

Gen. Roy Thurman's funeral is scheduled for 0845 on Tuesday, 6 July at the Old Post Chapel at Ft. Myer, Virginia.

The service will be a Roman Catholic Mass of Christian Burial. The military ceremony will be a full honors ceremony for a retired general officer. This will entail:  Military band and escort company, caisson and horses, firing battery, firing party and bugler. The military portion of Gen. Roy's funeral will start at the chapel in Ft. Myer when his remains will be escorted in by a military escort accompanied by his honorary pall bearers - the ceremony will conclude grave side with Taps. Gen. Roy will be interred with his brother, Gen. Maxwell Thurman in Arlington Cemetery. The funeral procession will proceed from the Old Chapel following the caisson and band and honor company to the grave site. Attendees may walk the route or drive in their own cars to the grave site. Those who walk will have to return to their cars left at the Old Chapel. There will be a minibus only for the honorary pall bearers, who choose not to walk.

After the funeral and the interment, there will be a reception in Spates Hall (the former NCO club) at Ft. Myer. The reception is to be a gathering of the Thurman friends and associates - all are welcome. PLEASE NOTE - that those who drive will be escorted in convoy-like style back through Arlington cemetery to return to Ft. Myer for the reception, if they choose to do so.

NOTE:  Because of installation security measures at Ft. Myer, it would be best to give yourself ample time to arrive for the funeral at 0845. Each car will have to be checked and photo ID's for all occupants will be required.

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